Personalised labels on asthma inhalers remind patients of correct technique and help improve symptoms over time. Iman Basheti at the Applied Science Private University in Jordan and co-workers trialled the approach of placing patient-specific reminder labels on dry powder asthma inhalers to improve long-term technique.

Poor asthma control is often exacerbated by patients making mistakes when using their inhalers. During the trial, 95 patients received inhaler training before being split into two groups: the control group received no further help, while the other group received individualised labels on their inhalers reminding them of their initial errors. After 3 months, 67% of patients with reminder labels retained correct technique compared with only 12% of controls. They also required less reliever medication and reported improved symptoms. This represents a simple, cheap way of tackling inhaler technique errors.

Iman A Basheti, Nathir M Obeidat & Helen K Reddel npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine 27, Article number: 9 (2017)