About ERNA

The overarching group for European nurses interested in respiratory care

The European Respiratory Nurses Association (ERNA) is an overarching group for nurses interested in respiratory care across Europe. The aim of ERNA is to give nurses with an interest in respiratory a greater voice and ultimately to improve the care of patients living with respiratory conditions.

ERNA is an umbrella organisation, where national organisations across Europe can join to access and share the latest information on Education, Research, Advocacy and Clinical Excellence in the European arena and to learn from each other. National nursing organisations having an interest in different aspects of respiratory care covering prevention, research, quality development, education and management of children and adults with respiratory and allergic diseases are invited to join ERNA. Individuals will also be able to access and share the information above on the website.

The Steering group who preside over ERNA consists of:
  • Birthe Hellqvist-Dahl - The Danish Society of Respiratory and Allergy Nurses, FSLA, Denmark

  • Wendy Preston - The Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists, ARNS, UK

  • TBC - Education for Health, UK

AstraZeneca and Boehringer Ingelheim have provided educational sponsorship grants to support the work of this Organisation. The sponsors have neither any influence nor any legal responsibility for the content displayed on this site.